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Understand Your Options With An Online Caravan Insurance Quote

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is an old saying which may hold true for many aspects of life. For things like insurance though, unless you occasionally get an online caravan insurance quote, then you may not realise how broke or otherwise your existing policy is.

You may have done a fair bit of trawling round when you first took out your caravan insurance.

With each passing year, renewing your policy when the reminder arrived may have been the simplest thing to do.

Everything changes though and insurance for caravans is certainly no exception. You need to be sure that what was suitable for you then still matches your requirements today.

You may find from an online caravan insurance quote, for example, that your present policy still fits the bill as far as your caravanning needs go. On the other hand, the quote may show that there are other options which could give you cover for your caravan that are more appropriate to how you currently use your caravan and at a more attractive price.

To understand your online caravan insurance quote, there are some questions you may wish to ask including:

  • mileage – if you have a tourer or a motorhome, is there a mileage limit and does it match how you use your caravan;
  • continental cover – do you take your caravan abroad or are you strictly a UK only person;
  • breakdown cover – if your caravan suffers a breakdown while you are en route to your holiday destination you may lose your accommodation if it has to be towed away, so is alternative accommodation on offer;
  • are there discounts available if you park your caravan off-road when it is not in use or if you are a member of a recognised caravan club (ie caravan club insurance disounts);
  • are you expected to take any particular steps to help keep your caravan safe like fitting hitchlocks and wheel clamps, which may be obligatory with some policies;
  • caravan contents insurance   is cover available on a market value or new for old basis and are the payout levels acceptable;
  • awnings are there particular steps that you may be expected to take to help minimise the chances of your awning being damaged, like making sure it is stowed away whenever you leave the caravan.

These are just a sample of some of the features or terms of caravan insurance that could make a difference to you.

If your next question is, “If I have an online caravan insurance quote can I insure my caravan online?” then the answer is obviously “Yes!”. If you prefer to deal with us over the phone though, then that’s not a problem. We’re only too happy to help either way!