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Why compare caravan insurance quotes?

There may be a significant number of reasons why it may prove to be in your best interest to compare caravan insurance quotes:

  • cost – of course, caravan insurance providers may have significantly different pricing structures and some of those may be more to your liking than others.  It may simply make sense if, for example, you are looking for cheap tourer insurance, to compare a number of options and quotations prior to making your final selection;
  • cover – the comprehensiveness of the caravan cover provided may also vary between policies. For example, some policies may include cover for awnings (providing certain conditions are met) whereas others may not.  That may or may not be an issue for you but if you do own an awning, it may be something worth looking for;
  • terms and conditions – these may have a material affect on how easy or otherwise it may be for you to make a successful claim, should the need arise.  You may find that those of certain policies are rather more suitable for your needs and the way you use your caravan, than others;
  • exclusions – some insurance providers may have circumstances and risks that they do not cover.  These may occasionally be listed explicitly in a section under exclusions and making yourself familiar with these may be essential if you are to choose appropriate caravan insurance cover;
  • your responsibilities – under the terms and conditions and elsewhere, your policy may outline certain things you need to do or steps to take, if your cover is to remain valid and in force.  An example of this may be the requirement for you to use hitchlocks or wheel clamps in certain situations;
  • discounts – another good reason to compare caravan insurance quotes may be that some policies may offer the opportunity to reduce the cost of your premium by taking certain steps.  An example of that might be accepting a higher excess on your policy and receiving in return, a discount on your premium.  These discounts may enable you to keep more of your money in your pocket and are therefore worth looking for!