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Why live in a park home?

A park home lifestyle may have a number of attractions:

• park home sites are typically located in rural locations and many of the owners know each other and regard their site as a small community. This means that crime may be comparatively low compared to urban areas and the neighbourhood feeling a little stronger;

• the cost of a park home may be relatively competitive when compared to conventional dwelling places in the towns or suburbs;

• park homes have been designed to utilise modern materials and energy efficient solutions – they may be comparatively competitive to run in energy terms, when compared against some older conventional property;

• many park homes have also been designed for ease of maintenance, meaning that you may be less reliant on using specialist trades people for even trivial jobs, as may be the case in ordinary houses and apartments etc;

• conventional properties may not always have been designed for today’s modern lifestyle and the sheer amounts of possessions, furnishings and gadgets that litter our homes. By contrast, the park home may have been designed to make the maximum use of available space and typically contains innovative storage solutions;

• as the sites may be located in rural areas, you may benefit from cleaner air and more relaxed rural pace of life benefits. Each year that passes seems to lead medical science to recognise more and more the detrimental effect of stress and our living environments on our health, so you might be able to hope for health benefits from living in a rural and clean environment;

• being surrounded by typically like-minded people may also provide you with a degree of social tranquillity that might be harder to achieve in an urban and frantic environment;

• sites may typically have some form of permanent supervision and security presence – that is something that may offer significant additional peace of mind;

• for all the above reasons, insurance providers may welcome the environment you are living in and you may find that park home insurance costs compare very favourably with those of conventional urban properties.