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Working Together For Caravan Club Insurance

If you’re a member of a caravan club, insurance may be a little cheaper for you.

Why is that?

The role of a caravan club

Many caravan clubs and associations are groupings of like-minded individuals or families looking to share experiences and tips.

They can be great social fun and also a fantastic source of information and awareness as to how you can get the best out of your caravan.

Yet they may also have another benefit – that of allowing you to get a discount for caravan club insurance offered by various specialist caravan insurance providers.

That’s because of what such membership may communicate about you.

Insurance companies and caravan insurance cover

In the case of normal motor insurance, typically insurers will charge higher premiums for younger or inexperienced drivers. That’s because they are typically more likely to be involved in accidents than older and more mature drivers.

The same sort of rationale typically applies in the case of caravan insurance. Some companies may offer various forms of discount for policyholders that demonstrate a degree of maturity and responsibility.

Some of these may, in turn, recognise your membership of a caravan club as providing evidence of your serious approach to caravanning and its responsibilities. That may be reflected in them offering you discounts that may be called caravan club insurance.

Other options to reduce your costs

Insurance companies may also respond favourably via discounts if you:

  • garage or park off-road caravans when they’re not in use;
  • restrict young and inexperienced drivers from driving or towing your vehicle;
  • only use certain categories of approved caravan parking sites;
  • fit certain types of alarms and locks to your doors and windows.

In some cases, insurance companies may have certain conditions that make some components of this mandatory. An example may be the requirement to use hitchlocks and wheel clamps with certain types of caravan.

These points can be clarified by inspecting closely the relevant insurance documentation.

Social and practical needs

So, belonging to a recognised caravan club may yield benefits in many ways – including perhaps through reduced premiums.

It’s worth noting though the use of the word ‘recognised’ above. You and your best friends may both have caravans and decide to form a caravan club – but an insurance company may not be too impressed!

To really qualify for caravan club insurance discounts you’ll need to join a recognised group or association where that means recognised by your insurer. It may be worth the effort of looking around and finding such a club if you’re looking to get those discounts!