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Bailey Touring Caravans

Bailey Touring Caravans are a very popular make of Touring Caravan – popular with both experienced and inexperienced Touring Caravanners.

We have negotiated very competitive Touring Caravan Insurance rates for Bailey Caravans and you can be rest assured that our extensive policy cover will fully protect your investment.

Our Touring Caravan Insurance team are very experienced in dealing with Touring Caravan Insurance and you should feel comfortable in asking them about any aspect of our policies which you may not be sure of or if would like further information.

In the unlikely event that you do find a more competitive quotation elsewhere for your bailey Touring Caravan then you should contact our team by calling us free of charge on 0800 970 7172 as we may be able to negotiate a different rate with our underwriter subject to confirmation of the alternative quotation you have received.

However it is important that you compare our Touring Caravan Insurance cover with the alternative quotation, for example does your quote include the range of benefits we offer such as: –

  • Free continental cover
  • Low £100 policy excess
  • Cost of alternative accommodation
  • Up to 3 or 5 years new for old cover

Do not buy an inferior cover to save a few £’s as in the longer term you may loose more money!

Also remember that we will help you in the event of claim – our customer service is very important to us.