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Before buying static caravan insurance – compare some quotes

If your only experience of static caravan insurance is that of buying it from your site owner, then you may think that there may be very little point in getting some quotes for static caravan insurance to see what’s on offer elsewhere.

You may find though that:

  • in typical cases, you are not actually required to take out static caravan insurance cover with the site owner;
  • while site owners may have every right to ensure that you have adequate insurance cover before they let you use their site, they may not have any right to force you to buy theirs;
  • this may leave you free to shop around for static caravan insurance and you may find that you are able to find alternative cover which is more cost-effective for you;
  • that may not be the whole story though because a policy sourced elsewhere may also offer you features of cover than may not be available in the policy on offer through the site owner;
  • so, you may find that some policies may be able to offer new for old replacement for the caravan which you have owned from new, until it is up to five years old (or until it is three years old if it is second hand);
  • some policies may be able to offer you discounts for being a member of an approved caravan club, for example, which they may regard as being a sign of a mature and responsible caravan owner (often known as caravan club insurance discounts);
  • from a security point of view, a premium reduction may also be on offer if your site has a round the clock supervisory presence or your caravan is located on a site which has no recent history of flooding;
  • even if you have to pay a fee to the site owner for using your own holiday caravan insurance,  you may find that overall, this may still be a more cost-effective solution for you;
  • so, if you are looking for a cost -effective deal without compromising on cover for static caravan insurance, compare what you find online with what’s on offer at the site and you may be surprised at what you discover.