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Which is the best static caravan insurance for me?

It can be very difficult to state anything about the suitability of a policy for an individual policyholder without knowing something of their circumstances.

What this means is that if you are asking “what is the best static caravan insurance for me?” the answer is that what’s best for you may not be the most appropriate static home insurance for your neighbour.

We are all different and have unique needs. Even so, at Cover4Caravans we’re always very keen to help, so let’s look at some of the relevant factors.

What varies with static caravans?

It’s possible that any of the following factors might or might not apply to you:

  • you use your static fairly infrequently for weekend breaks only and it is furnished to basic levels;
  • it’s a home-from-home for you and you use it regularly for several weeks each year. It’s furnished to a high standard;
  • it is sitting on a fully serviced and secure (24×7) site;
  • there is little or no security on site outside of office hours;
  • it’s located on a cliff site overlooking the sea or perhaps alongside a river inland;
  • you alone use it;
  • you sometimes let it out to others for holiday purposes (currently a growing recreational area);

In all these situations and others like them, your requirements and the type of cover you’ll need may vary from one case to another.

So, the first point to be made is that a degree of flexibility of static caravan insurance cover is typically very important.

Included as standard

At the risk of generalising, static caravan insurance policies may have a tendency to come in one of two forms:

  • policies with a very basic degree of in-the-price cover only. These sometimes, at face value, appear very cost-attractive but the downside might be that adding in lots of options you think essential might start to ramp-up the final price;
  • those that contain a high degree of basic comprehensive cover included in the price.

For example, some policies might cover as standard:

  • if your caravan is under a specified number of years of age, automatic new for old cover even if there have been multiple previous owners;
  • extended public liability cover;
  • cover for static caravans let out for income generation;
  • significant no claims discounts that can also reflect the same arising on your car or home insurance;
  • contents cover;
  • incentives through discounts for additional security measures you might install; etc.

Site owner’s cover

Of course, it’s possible or perhaps even likely that the site owners may attempt to persuade you to take their cover rather than use your own. There is nothing wrong with that, but shopping around for your own static home insurance may give you more choice of cover and pricing options.

Here is a brief summary of the position:

  • site owners may have a legal right to require you to have third-party liability cover as a minimum form of static caravan insurance. They may also have a right to ask you to demonstrate that to them. Making a modest administration charge for inspecting and copying your insurance certificate might not be unreasonable;
  • in typical situations, the site owners do not have a legal right to insist that you purchase their cover. There may be some unusual exceptions to that, such as when deeds and pitch ownership obligations so require but these are not common.

In all the above situations, we’re at your disposal to discuss your individual requirements and questions. We’d welcome your contact and enquiries.