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Buying a family caravan

The cornerstone of your approach to buying a family caravan is likely to be just that: a caravan for the use and enjoyment of the whole family.


Whatever size, shape or layout for your family caravan you choose, at an early stage you might want to think about the implications for insuring your caravan.

Given the time, effort and money you are likely to have invested in acquiring the vehicle, caravan insurance is probably a priority – and a specialist one at that. There are a number of specialist caravan insurance providers – such as us here at Cover4Caravans – so you might want to take the opportunity of an early discussion of your needs.


Your guiding principle when choosing a family caravan is likely to be the use to which you want to put your it. With your own needs as well as your children’s’ in mind you might want to give thought to the following:

  • accommodation: there is likely to be more to it, for example, than simply counting the number of berths the caravan has – the size, length and comfort of a berth may vary quite widely and may need to accommodate young people from toddler size to adolescent;
  • facilities: the older your children, the more likely importance is going to be placed on the roominess and effectiveness of showering and washing facilities – unless, of course, you plan to be staying on sites where 5-star facilities are always assured;
  • size matters: no caravanning holiday is likely to bring assured fine weather when the whole family is able to eat, play and relax outside – think of the worst case scenario when you and your brood are cooped up in the caravan for several continuous days of rain.


Although size matters, it may prove equally important the way in which the space is actually laid out and used.

As suggested by the website Out and About, it may repay you to study the wide range of layout options published by online caravan sales companies in order to home in on those designs most likely to meet your family’s needs.


When a family goes on holiday, there is invariably more than the usual amount of equipment and kit to be packed – adventure sports gear for older members of the party, perhaps, or diversionary toys and games for younger children.

To free the precious space and keep the inside of your caravan as uncluttered as possible, therefore, you might want to make sure that the layout and design you choose includes plenty of cupboards, lockers and general storage.

New or old

Once you have built up the picture of the type of family caravan likely to suit all your needs and perhaps even settled on a favourite make and model, it may be time to decide whether to buy new or second hand.

If you choose new, of course, you have the benefit of the most recent advances in design and technology, warranties on the standard of construction, and perhaps even the option to effectively custom build the caravan to incorporate the feature you most want.

Although caravans tend to hold their price very well, the purchase of a pre-loved model may nevertheless allow you to make the kind of savings that give you a good head start when it comes to planning the first, fast approaching season of outings and holidays in your new purchase.

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