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Buying Tourer Caravan Insurance

Buying any form of insurance, including tourer caravan insurance, may sometimes be something that’s a little fraught with uncertainty.

Terminology may be confusing and sometimes things are described in unnecessarily complex terms.

Or, for some people, they see buying insurance as such a hassle that they simply annually renew with the same provider and don’t even bother to see if they could get a more attractive deal elsewhere!

In reality, getting a quote for and buying caravan insurance can be easy. Plus. the basic principles of tourer caravan insurance are very straightforward:

  • cover is typically provided for damage to (or theft of) the caravan;
  • financial protection is also extended to the contents of your caravan (some policies may have certain exclusions, such as high-value jewellery or PCs etc);
  • some policies may also provide third-party liability cover – that exists in case you are sued by someone, who believes they have suffered personal injury (or property damage), as a result of your caravan.

Within those basics, things may vary depending upon the offer that the touring insurance provider is making. It’s therefore important to take the time to read carefully your initial quotation and the policy documentation before you make a purchasing decision.

That is to ensure that you understand the caravan cover being offered, plus any conditions, exclusions and obligations so as to be clear it is a good match for your situation.

It’s also typically advisable to compare cover caravan insurance policies as some may simply offer protection that is more commensurate with your use of your caravan.

How much does tourer insurance cost?

Inevitably, price is a subject for serious consideration but it may be advisable to pause a little before presuming that advertisements for cheap caravan cover will necessarily offer a suitable solution for you.

Cheap caravan cover may not offer the same match to your requirements as another, perhaps marginally more expensive policy. If it does then fine but if it doesn’t, keep in mind that if you need to claim, you won’t be bothered at all about how cheap or expensive your policy was – you’ll only want to know what cover it provides.

The bottom line may be that what proves to be cheap for someone else may not be suitable for you or prove to be cheap in the event you need to make a claim – so keeping the price in perspective may be advisable.

Tourer caravan insurance need not be complicated but you may need to be prepared to allocate a few minutes to sitting and reading the detail, if you are to avoid missing out on a cost-effective and suitable solution.

Alternatively, please get in touch, either on the telephone or via email, and one of our professional (and friendly!) team will be able to help you find suitable caravan cover.