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How we can help you compare caravan insurance

How can we at Cover4Caravans help you to compare caravan insurance?

It’s a good question – so let’s explain!

Price isn’t everything

The first point we’d like to make is that it’s important not to focus exclusively on the advertised headline price. Of course, it’s natural for that ticket price to catch your eye but it can be deeply misleading.

In fact, when you start to compare caravan insurance, from a professional viewpoint the price is far from the first thing to consider. The reasoning there is simple – it doesn’t, in itself, tell you what you’re getting for the money.

It’s like knowing that car ‘A’ costs £10,000 and car ‘B’ £13,000. That may sound a lot of difference but it means nothing unless you know what the two vehicles are. If car ‘A’ is a very small basic model and ‘B’ a comfortable family saloon, you may decide that the higher price is actually better value and more suitable for your needs.

So, how do you know what makes caravan insurance policy ‘A’ different to policy ‘B’?

Making a comparison

Although insurance language has been significantly simplified in recent decades, it’s still a fairly complex subject and working to thoroughly compare caravan insurance isn’t necessarily straightforward. That’s particularly so if you’re talking about multiple policies and multiple prices.

As professionals in the industry, we know what we’re looking for. Just a sample of such things might include:

  • what the policies actually cover. It sometimes surprises people to know that this is by no means standard. For example, some policies might cover awnings, others won’t (or not without an additional premium being paid);
  • things the policies don’t cover. These are sometimes called “the exclusions” and they can be easily missed or misinterpreted unless you’re experienced;
  • qualifying conditions. These usually relate to things such as, for example, restrictions on where your caravan can or cannot be parked when it’s not in use, such as out of season.

To this review, we need to match an understanding of your unique situation and set of requirements. To illustrate this, if you have no intention of using your caravan abroad, then the pros and cons of a caravan insurance policy’s EU motoring cover may be relatively unimportant in our evaluation.

What this means to you

We’ll be looking to reach a balanced set of conclusions. That’s balanced in the sense of looking at what a policy is providing and not providing, versus the price that’s being asked for it.

As said above, this can be a complex task and it’s certainly time-consuming. If you lack the required expertise and/or the time to do it thoroughly, it’s a task perhaps best left to a professional.

Compare caravan insurance

You can give us a call to discuss your options, or get a free, no obligation caravan insurance quote online.

Ultimately, our objective is not to compare caravan insurance options with a view to necessarily finding you the cheapest insurance available. It’s about outlining options that are fit for purpose, a good match to your usage requirements and of course, a cost-effective solution too.

It’s worth remembering the old insurance saying that “nobody is ever interested in the price they’ve paid for their policy in the event they need to make a claim. They just want to know what it covers”.

We believe that thinking about such things only in the context of a claim is just too late. We’re here to help you find an appropriate policy to begin with.