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How to Compare Static Caravan Insurance

Making an informed choice is as important for caravan insurance cover as it is for anything else in life. Here are a few tips on why you may benefit if you compare static caravan insurance policies to see just exactly what they offer.

  • Not just price. If you think that the only way to compare static caravan insurance is to look at the price, then you may be missing the very important fact that all static caravan insurance policies are not the same.
  • Post codes. You’ll typically find that there are some static caravan sites which are considered to be less risky than others. One of the main risks for static caravans from an insurance point of view is flooding. If you therefore position your caravan on a site with a history of flooding then you may typically pay more in premiums than if your location has no flooding problems.
  • Holidays only. Your static caravan cannot become your permanent home without risking invalidating your insurance protection. Static insurance provides cover for caravans used as holiday homes only.
  • Administration charge. If your static is on a site which insists that you pay an administration charge if you do not purchase your insurance from them, then you may think that there’s little reason to try to compare static caravan insurance. If you do compare though, you may discover that you can find alternative cover which may typically still cost less than the equivalent cover on offer from the site – even if they make an administration charge on top.
  • Wintertime precautions. When preparing for winter your caravan insurance may stipulate that you need to drain down heating and water systems to reduce risks of water damage resulting form burst pipes etc. Make sure you understand what your obligations are as part of the cover.
  • Approved sites. Some static insurance policies may offer reductions if you use a CaSSOA secure site.
  • Caravan insurance cover for your static and for its contents and belongings may be offered on a new for old basis or as market value. You’ll typically find that you’ll pay more for a policy that offers new for old replacement.

Looking at price is not the only way to compare static caravan insurance. How much you pay in premiums is, of course, an important consideration but ensuring you have static caravan insurance that is appropriate for your needs may be your most important concern.