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Looking For The Best Static Caravan Insurance

You may think that comparing static caravan insurance may be a waste of time because one caravan insurance policy is pretty much like any other. Given the amount of money that you probably spent on your static caravan though, wouldn’t you rather be sure that you had the best static caravan insurance policy?

Of course, there may be no such thing as one best policy.

What represents the best caravan insurance for you may be very different to what someone else may consider to be best for them. While you may consider yourself to be a fairly typical caravan owner, just a quick look round any site may confirm very quickly just how different people and their caravans can be.

That means, some policies may be more suitable for you than others.

That may be a very important point to bear in mind, particularly if you have felt pressured in the past to buy your caravan insurance cover from your site owner. If you are very lucky, then your site owner may be able to sell you the best static caravan insurance for your own situation but in reality, the chances of that happening may be very slight indeed.

Site owners may, understandably, need to see evidence that you do have certain elements of static caravan insurance cover. If you do not buy your cover from them, they may charge you a fee for having to deal with your own policy’s paperwork.

You may find, however, that having compared caravan insurance and selected the policy that you felt offers you the best static caravan insurance, then you may still end up with a more cost-attractive solution than buying from the site owner – even taking the fee into account.

When looking at the cover offered by static insurance policies, there may be a number of features that may be worth noting:

  • some providers may offer discounts on premiums if your static is located on a site which has a good history of being flood free;
  • there are policies which may offer new for old replacement for statics up to 5 years old if you have been the owner from new or up to 3 years old if your static has been pre-owned;
  • some policies may treat awnings separately and have special terms and conditions attached.

You may wish to bear in mind that static caravan insurance applies only to statics used as occasional holiday homes. If your static is your permanent residence on a designated residential site, then you may need to consider park home insurance cover. Please feel free to get in touch if you require clarification on this or any other point.

You may have made a considerable investment in your holiday home and it may be your pride and joy. Does it deserve anything less than what you consider is the best static caravan insurance?