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Static Caravan Insurance – Compare Your Options

Some people may tell you that if you need to find the best deal for static caravan insurance, compare caravan insurance quotes online and all will be revealed.

That may be sound enough advice.

The trouble is, knowing what exactly you should be looking to compare, while bearing in mind that what is best for you may not be best for someone else.

As a static caravan user, your needs for insurance for a static caravan may be very different to the needs of someone else.

If you have static caravan insurance, compare the cover

You may have invested a significant amount of money in your static caravan. (The average insured value for static caravans covered by one of our policies in 2010, for example, is just over £12,000 – a significant sum). This means that the most appropriate deal for you may be one that can adequately cover the replacement of your static.

This applies equally to your contents (again, the average static home contents cover with one of our policies is just over £1,000).

Some policies may offer new for old replacement. Others though, may only offer market value replacement. If you have just refurbished your static and fitted it out to a high standard, then market value replacement may not be the most appropriate way of protecting your expenditure.

Many static caravan owners consider their awning to be a valuable addition to living space. It may not provide much in the way of security for the belongings you store there though, so you may find that these are typically not covered.

You may find that storm damage cover to your awning may be conditional on you being in the caravan when it happens. If you have gone out and left the awning up, then again damage may typically not be covered.

Many static parks close over the winter season. Typical insurance for a static caravan may require you to drain down water or heating systems to reduce the risks of water-related damage from burst pipes etc.

Static caravan insurance, compare the price

No one would seriously argue that price is not important when it comes to static caravan insurance. Perhaps more important though, is the level of cover that the price supplies. Selecting a policy based on price alone may have disastrous consequences in the event of a claim.

In the past you may have sourced your static caravan insurance from the site owner. You may even have believed that you did not really have any option. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The site owner does have a right to see evidence that you are adequately insured and may even charge you a fee for the administration involved in this. You may find though that even taking these fees into account there may be savings to be made if you look elsewhere for static insurance and get a few quotes.

Once you have your quotes for static caravan insurance, compare what you have and you may be surprised and, perhaps, a little annoyed that you have not acted sooner.