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The importance of shopping around for touring caravan insurance

In a sense, you may feel that it shouldn’t be necessary to make the case for shopping around because surely it is self-evidently the best approach?

However, most of us might be willing to acknowledge that insurance is not exactly a subject that captivates our interest and that in turn might lead to the danger of simply going with the familiar.

Yet making the effort to periodically compare your existing cover to other touring caravan insurance quotes might yield a number of benefits.

Perhaps the most obvious that springs to mind is that of cost.  Seasoned caravanners know full well that the cheapest insurance policy isn’t necessarily the best or one that is even suitable for their particular requirements but even so, prices in the marketplace vary and it might be possible for you to find more cost-effective cover than you are currently getting.

Then there is the question of quality of cover provided.  Perhaps quality is a slightly misleading word in this context and breadth of cover should more accurately be used.

The fact is that some policies may simply offer a broader cover base than others and that might be something that it is in your interest to discover.

For example, some but by no means all policies might offer things such as:

  • substantial EU cover as standard;
  • claim free discounts for new businesses;
  • discounts for each year you stay with the policy provider;
  • no age limit covers for owners (upper or lower);
  • no age limits on caravans (though for older vehicles the replacement value used in the event of a claim will be that documented in Glass’s guide).

Of course, the only way you will ever discover the reality of these things one way or another, is by comparing your existing cover to other options that are available in the marketplace.  At Cover4Caravans we would be only too happy to help you review your overall position and to find out what your alternative options might be.

So, would it be worth the effort?

Ultimately, of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating etc.  Yet by finding a relatively modest amount of time to invest in this type of review, you may be opening up opportunities to save yourself money and to increase the financial protection you have available for your caravan.

It’s difficult to see that you have anything to lose but you may have a substantial amount again.  It’s something that’s worth finding out more about.