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Caravan park could help regional regeneration

Plans for a caravan park in a former Northumberland coalfield area, it has been argued, could aid with the regeneration of the site, according to local reports.

The coalfield site has suffered 30,000 job losses in the last 40 years, it was claimed at a local meeting, and expanding an existing caravan site could aid development in the area.

Peter Wadsley, from Northumbrian Leisure, advocates the provision of a further 350 caravans at the Golden Sands site in Creswell which he believes will bring £3.5 million to the local economy.

Newcastle-based newspaper the Journal quoted him as saying: “This is an important project which deserves support.

“We feel there is here a win, win, win approach allowing improvements to employment and the economy and social advantage, together with protection and enhancement of the environment.”

Although Northumbrian Leisure has said that new facilities, such as a swimming pool and five-a-side courts, will be available to the local community, a number of residents oppose the expansion.

A government-appointed inspector will decide upon the plans after considering the views of all parties.