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Caravan park feels cheated by council

A caravan park owner in York has said he feels cheated after being forced to pay £5,000 for a new bus shelter outside the park, which he says is inadequate.

Richard Wilson, who runs the York Caravan Park in Stockton Lane along with his son Andrew, told the York Press that he paid the £5,000 that the City of York Council asked for as part of planning agreements for the new 20-pitch touring caravan park.

Mr Wilson agreed to pay so that he could open the new Caravan Park on land at Rowes Cottage Farm in March. But he says the bus shelter is unusable and now he wants a refund.

He explained: “I feel disgusted. I don’t think we should have been asked to pay this £5,000 in the first place, but we paid the money and now the job hasn’t even been done properly.

“The shelter is tiny. It’s far too small to meet the requirements of the surrounding dwellings, and anybody in a wheelchair or with a double buggy would have a heck of a job to get in it.

“Not only is it not wide enough, but there’s no ramp and there’s also a hedge which is so overgrown that it’s not actually possible to get into the shelter.”

He added: “As well as the 20-pitch touring caravan park, we have also got two holiday cottages, which take 15 people, and three student houses, which take 12 people. A lot of these people use the bus to get into York and they are being forced to stand on the wet grass because the shelter isn’t big enough.

“It is not usable and it is definitely not worth £5,000. I feel cheated and I want a refund from the council.”

A City of York Council spokesperson countered: “The shelter used at this location is of a standard design and size used throughout the city. However, we are concerned to hear that an overgrown hedge is making it difficult to access the shelter and will make arrangements for the hedge to be trimmed.”

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