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Caravan really had its chips

A caravanner in Lancashire will have had to claim on the caravan insurance after a chip pan fire led to a holiday home going up in smoke at the weekend.

While no one was injured, the static caravan, which was stationed at the Ocean Edge Caravan Park in Heysham, was rendered so burned out as to be uninhabitable.

According to the Visitor, firefighters arrived at the caravan park after receiving a call at 8.23pm on Sunday.

When they arrived, they found that, amid the billowing smoke, the park security guard had been trying to extinguish the flames by pointing a fire extinguisher though a ent leading into the caravan’s kitchenette.

After the fire crews realised that the caravan was empty, they employed a breathing apparatus team and a thermal image camera to help them fight through the dense smoke.

Eventually, using a high pressure hose reel jet, firefighters were able to contain the blaze.

Later it was discovered that the static caravan’s occupier had set on a chip pan before popping round to the neighbours to share a glass of wine.

It was a costly mistake, as the caravanner was unable to stay in the holiday home as a result of the damage, and had to stay elsewhere overnight, coming all the way from Cumbria.

Fire Service crew manager, Graham Mossop commented: “This incident highlights several issues. Firstly, never leave pans on cookers unattended.”

“Secondly, the Fire Service would advise anybody who still owns a chip pan to replace it with a deep fat fryer on which the oil temperature can be regulated.”

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