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Caravanners warned of theft threat

Norfolk police are warning residents in the area to make sure their caravans are secure as it is currently the time of year when a rise in caravan theft is seen, according to reports.

Sergeant Mark Gregory told Lynn News: “This is the time of the year when we see a rise in the theft of caravans.”

“As the weather improves, caravanners are keen to get out on the road; they prepare their vehicles and usually have them ready to go on their driveways or the road nearby ready to holiday.

“This is what the professional caravan thieves are waiting for and in years past we have seen they take the opportunity to steal these valuable pieces of property.”

Caravanners can take precautions and ensure their caravan is secured at all times. Caravan insurance is also important to make sure you’re covered.

According to Lynn News, Mr Gregory added: “I would like to raise awareness among the caravanning community; the thieves are waiting for the opportunity to steal your valued property.

“Don’t let your guard drop and ensure your caravan is well secured, even for the shortest period of time using wheel clamps, towing hitch locks or met posts.”