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Caravanners warned to take care on city roads

While caravanners should always invest in caravan insurance, a tyre expert has warned that buying a tyre pressure gauge is also essential, due to the UK’s poorly maintained roads and continuing wet weather.

The Devon Star quoted Tony Bowman, MD of etyres, as saying: “With no quick return to summer in sight, we’re going to see a dreadful payback from years of chronic under-investment in roads maintenance. As busy roads dry out, many road surfaces will become death traps.”

He pointed out that government figures revealed that one in three city roads have inadequate skidding resistance, rising to one in two in London.

“While the government’s failure to maintain roads properly is inexcusable, any responsible caravaner must ensure that their car and caravan have correctly inflated tyres as under inflation increases stopping distances significantly,“ Mr Bowman continued.

“Motorists forget that in wet weather, stopping distances are twice that for dry, but the crunch factor is that stopping distances are three times more on badly maintained roads with slippery surfaces.”

He added that caravanners should invest in a proper pressure gauge, as one in eight wheels are under-inflated, which Mr Bowman said could be caused by inaccurate forecourt air gauges.

He said caravanners should check each tyre once a fortnight. "Forty-four per cent of cars and caravans are losing 21 per cent of tyre life due to unnecessary wear, so if you want a motivation, think of it this way – the combined effect of higher rolling resistance on fuel consumption and shorter tyre life would be costing you £63 a year,” Mr Bowman concluded. “Save that money and you might also potentially save a life.”

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