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Caravanning is a green getaway

The Caravan Channel TV programme has claimed that caravan holidays are at least four times kinder to the environment than holidays that involve a flight.

Producer Chris Gosling said that a return flight for a family of four to a destination such as Alicante produces about 3,300lbs of CO2, where the same sized family driving 1,200 miles in a two litre diesel car would produce less than 900lbs of CO2 with a medium-sized caravan in tow.

He said this estimation also only took into account the travel. “Add to this the fact that caravanners, motorhome users and campers don’t require massive hotels, requiring a massive carbon investment for construction, and even more for their daily operation, and you have a seriously green, environmentally friendly holiday industry,” Mr Gosling said.

“Finally, of course, when the holiday season is over, caravan and camp sites return to green fields, with beautiful trees and abundant wildlife, and the argument is over! Despite the Clarksons of this world, caravanners, motorhome users and campers are the green guys,” he added.

Mr Gosling said that although everyone is talking about the need to reduce their carbon footprint, caravanners, motorhome users and campers “are really doing something large-scale and serious about it”.

In just the same way that a family taking a flight need travel insurance, caravanners should also ensure that they have taken out motorhome insurance, so that they are not only protecting the environment, but also themselves.