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Caravans get free rides to Scandinavia this summer

DFDS Seaways is offering caravanners a special promotion, which means that when they book a ferry trip to destinations in Norway or Denmark, their caravan can travel with them for no extra charge.

On selected routes and at certain times throughout the summer caravanners can take their caravan on board for free, as long as a reservation is made at least a month in advance of the caravanning holiday.

Free rides for caravans from Newcastle to Stavanger depart on Sundays and return on Mondays throughout August. In 2008, Stavanger will share the title of European Capital of Culture with Liverpool and offers restaurants, bars and museums in its quaint cobbled streets.

If Denmark is more your ideal destination, DFDS is offering both Sunday and Monday departures from Harwich to Esbjerg until September 2nd and return trips from Thursday to Sunday, at no cost to your caravan. Located on Denmark’s west coast, Esbjerg is famed for its maritime heritage, with a maritime museum, aquarium and ‘sealarium’.

Meanwhile DFDS’s regular promotions mean caravans can hitch a ride to Holland throughout the whole year with ferries sailing back and forth between Newcastle and Amsterdam from Sunday to Tuesday.

DFDS says caravanners can save around £140 per trip with the discount and the firm offers cinemas, bars, restaurants, shops, kids clubs and a swimming pool and sauna aboard its ferries.

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