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Caravanning in France: don’t break the law!

If you are heading off to France and are new to driving abroad, the good news is that it is one of the best countries in the European Union for easy driving conditions and touring caravan facilities. However, just like...Read more

Spruce up your static home – on a budget

Most owners love their static homes. It’s as simple as that. However, it can sometimes come as a little shock to look around and realise that, well, overall it’s looking a little “tired and jaded” inside. That realisation can sometimes...Read more

Why should you compare caravan insurance?

When asked the question, “why should you compare caravan insurance”, most people respond by saying something relating to the opportunities for saving money. However, as we at Cover4Caravans like to point out, there are a number of other reasons why...Read more

Why we love having our dogs on holiday

In a sense, the above title is a case of stating the obvious for most dog owners! From our own customer surveys, here at Cover4Caravans, we know only too well that most people want to have their pooch with them...Read more

Taking your tourer to Germany: need to know

A touring caravan gives you the freedom of the open road – and if that road starts the moment you drive off a cross-Channel ferry or the Eurotunnel, the open road winds all over Europe. Recent years have seen the...Read more