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Static Caravan Insurance

Static homes with a difference!

So, you thought you knew everything you’d need to know about static caravans – seen one, seen them all, you might be telling yourself. So here are a few more than unusual variations on the theme that might help you...Read more

Clever static caravan storage ideas

The magazines and brochures are absolutely full of highly clever ways of better using the storage space in your caravan. All that’s important because the attractions of caravanning can be mitigated to some extent if you’re constantly falling over items...Read more

Does cheap static caravan insurance exist?

At the height of what looks to be a record-breaking summer of sunshine, you are probably thanking your lucky stars for your foresight in buying a static caravan as a holiday home. Remember, though, that your second home also needs...Read more

Spruce up your static home – on a budget

Most owners love their static homes. It’s as simple as that. However, it can sometimes come as a little shock to look around and realise that, well, overall it’s looking a little “tired and jaded” inside. That realisation can sometimes...Read more

Getting the most suitable static caravan insurance

Whether you are getting the most suitable static caravan insurance might not even cross your mind. After all, the insurance is likely to be offered to you by the management of the site on which your holiday home is...Read more