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Static Caravan Insurance

Spruce up your static home – on a budget

Most owners love their static homes. It’s as simple as that. However, it can sometimes come as a little shock to look around and realise that, well, overall it’s looking a little “tired and jaded” inside. That realisation can sometimes...Read more

Getting the most suitable static caravan insurance

Whether you are getting the most suitable static caravan insurance might not even cross your mind. After all, the insurance is likely to be offered to you by the management of the site on which your holiday home is...Read more

Storms and your static home

Did your static home survive the Siberian onslaught of the “Beast from the East” at the end of February? Before you breathe too big a sigh of relief, though, remember that March, April and even May also bring their...Read more

Flooding and your static home

A frequent concern of owners of static caravans relates to what they should do about flooding risk. This is a very wide and complicated subject. Here we can only touch on a few of the most general aspects of this...Read more

Getting your static caravan ready for sale

However much you love your static, there is likely to come a day when you will need to consider selling it. Should you already be at that point, some of the following tips might prove useful in terms of helping...Read more