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Touring Caravan Insurance

How we can help you find a suitable deal on your tourer insurance

For many owners, their touring caravan is almost like part of the family. It’s indispensable in helping to get out and about and making the most of that precious leisure time. That’s why many wish to protect their caravan through...Read more

Comparing touring caravan insurance

If you are about to get stuck into some touring caravan insurance reviews, some of the following tips from Cover4Caravans might prove to be useful. Look carefully at the excess For a policy to carry “excess” is perfectly normal. It is...Read more

Why should you compare caravan insurance?

When asked the question, “why should you compare caravan insurance”, most people respond by saying something relating to the opportunities for saving money. However, as we at Cover4Caravans like to point out, there are a number of other reasons why...Read more

Taking your tourer to Germany: need to know

A touring caravan gives you the freedom of the open road – and if that road starts the moment you drive off a cross-Channel ferry or the Eurotunnel, the open road winds all over Europe. Recent years have seen the...Read more

Taking your tourer to France: need to know

It may be a well-worn truism that a touring caravan gives you the freedom of the open road. But by taking the short hop across the Channel to France with your caravan in tow opens up countless miles of...Read more