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Cheap Caravan Insurance – Being On Your Guard

During troubled economic times, it is perfectly understandable that some caravan owners may find the idea of cheap static caravan insurance to be particularly attractive.

There is nothing wrong with thinking of economy when you are looking for caravan insurance and therefore being attracted by advertisements claiming to offer cheap static caravan insurance is understandable.

Yet it is important to note that the price of a static caravan insurance policy is only one component of the overall package.

Your static caravan is very likely to be unique to you. Where you site it, its value, the nature of any contents it contains and the way you use it, etc., taken will define your requirements for static caravan insurance.

None of these things necessarily relate directly to the price. So, for example, if you decide that you require a high level of static contents cover then what someone else has found to be a cheap policy, may not prove to be cheap for you if it does not provide the contents cover you require.

You may be happy to pay more for a policy providing you with what you need and still consider it to be “cheap at the price”.

Static caravan insurance policies may vary from each other in many ways and by definition, you may find some to be more to your liking than others.

You may wish, for example, to consider:

  • whether or not a policy contains restrictions relating to the location of your static home that are unacceptable to you (or that you are simply unable to comply with);
  • whether or not you can obtain discounts to help you reduce the cost of your premium by doing things such as fitting alarms or storing your caravan in an approved storage centre during the closed season.

In the final analysis, your caravan insurance cover may one day be the only thing that stands between you and some very severe costs. It therefore makes sense to be as certain as you can be that you have insurance that is a good match for your circumstances.

In that context cheap static caravan insurance alone may become a secondary objective.

Finally, don’t forget that in most cases you do not have to take the site owner’s own insurance cover. They may charge you a small fee to check you have the correct cover, but even with that fee included, you may still typically save money overall.