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Chicks and caravans in arson blaze

A farm will be claiming on its caravan insurance after a fire gutted a caravan and also killed some chickens on a farm near Hartlepool.

Three fire engines from Stranton Fire Station and the Headland were called to a smallholding off the A179 between Hart village and Clavering ad used two hose jets to try to tackle the caravan blaze.

Although they managed to save six chickens in a stable next to the caravan, during a two-hour effort, three more poultry were done for and the caravan was a write-off.

The motorhome was utterly destroyed and the 70 per cent of the75ft by 24ft stable next to it was also annihilated.

Now farm owners and firemen are blaming arsonists for the fire which destroyed a caravan and killed chickens in a nearby stable.

Luckily, horses had been moved from the stable to an adjacent field.

Lee Ryan, crew manager at Stranton, said: “The fire is being treated as suspicious and is still being investigated.”

“We managed to save six chickens but three died – unfortunately the hens didn’t want to leave their eggs. Thankfully, the horses at the holding were in a field.”

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