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Why compare caravan insurance?

You are likely to compare caravan insurance for very similar reasons to those when comparing any type of insurance:

  • having decided just what type of cover you need, you compare the various products on offer that appear to meet those needs; and
  • at the same time, you compare the prices of the most likely products.

Caravan insurance

Although your comparison of caravan insurance is really no different in principle, it may be complicated by your questioning just what cover might be appropriate for your particular caravan, where to find the products you need in what is after all a definite niche in the wider insurance market, and deciding whether the prices quoted represent good value for money.

In other words, caravan insurance is very much a specialist form of insurance – so you might want to consult a specialist provider with experience in having arranged cover for many other caravan owners.

That is a description which fits us very well here at Cover4Caravans. We have many years of experience in understanding the particular needs of our caravan-owning customers, matching those needs to the products available and providing a meaningful comparison of competitive quotes.

London Economics has identified the critical role that is played by independent insurance brokers such as ourselves in identifying the risks of insured items, providing customers with more reliable information about insurance products – in a market where there is “imperfect information” – comparing the relative merits of competing products and offering help and assistance in the event of a claim having to be made.

Knowing your caravan

Our expertise in this particular niche of the market means that we are almost certain to have encountered the make and model of your own caravan before. Naturally, this is a considerable assistance in establishing insured values and in providing a basis on which risks may be assessed.

It is an understanding and familiarity which helps an independent broker to identify your individual needs and to home in on those products most likely to meet your needs, before making a thorough caravan insurance comparison on your behalf.


An accurate and realistic valuation of your caravan is important to establishing the total sum insured and the basis for comparing levels of compensation for loss or damage.

In the worst case scenario, for example, in which your caravan is totally destroyed by an insured event, some insurers may offer replacement as new (provided the caravan was less than a given number of years old), or replaced according to assessed market values at the time of the incident. When you compare caravan insurance, you clearly need to know which of these policies is adopted by the selected insurers under review.

Additional factors for comparison

There are a number of additional features and benefits which some insurers offer, whilst others do not.

We are able to advise, for instance, whether products offer free European cover for your caravan, discounts reflecting the level of security used to safeguard and track your caravan in the event of it being stolen, discounts for membership of a recognised caravan club, and further discounts for storage of your caravan at a secure Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) site when it is laid up out of season.