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Compare Touring Caravan Insurance Quotes

Before you renew your caravan insurance, taking some time out to get and then compare touring caravan insurance quotes, may help you get the most appropriate cover for your tourer.

Only you know how you value your touring caravan and what would represent appropriate cover for you. You know that what is best for someone else may not be best for you – which is why comparing policies may be so important.

For example:

  • a hitchlock and wheel clamp may be compulsory items of security for some touring caravan insurance policies, which may require that when unattended, your caravan needs a wheel clamp and a hitchlock if it is not attached to your towing vehicle. If attached to the towing vehicle, a wheel clamp is sufficient;
  • taking special care with your awning may also be something that is not only part of the terms and conditions but also just common sense. So you may find that you are required to stow your awning away when the caravan is unattended. That way is there is a sudden storm, your awning won’t get damaged;
  • if you compare touring caravan insurance quotes, you may notice that outside furniture may be the only item of your belongings typically covered, due principally to the fact that, however useful awnings are to increase the living space of your tourer, they are not secure places;
  • one aspect of touring caravan insurance cover you may consider as standard relates to what happens if your tourer is damaged beyond reasonable or economic repair. You may find that there are conditions attached to new for old, as opposed to market value replacement. Some policies may stipulate that you only qualify for a new replacement if your tourer is under three years old and you have been the only owner. You may find though that there are other policies (such as ours) which may extend this to five years old;
  • over the years the value of your touring caravan may change and your touring caravan insurance needs to change in line. If you have made modifications or improvements to your tourer, then the value may go up.

If you compare touring caravan insurance quotes, it may help you find the policy which matches your requirements and provides the most suitable fit for your financial protection.