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Compare Touring Caravan Insurance Quotes – They Are Not All The Same

When you set out to compare touring caravan insurance quotes, it may make sense to have some idea of what to look out for – and to bear in mind that price alone may not be the only criterion. The actual level of caravan cover offered and the terms and conditions attached to policies, may make a significant difference in how you view its appropriateness to your own circumstances:

  • some policies may offer new for old replacement for caravans up to 3 years old if there have been prior owners or up to 5 years old if you have been the only owner of your touring caravan from new;
  • you may wish to bear in mind that it may be your responsibility to ensure an accurate replacement value for your caravan, as this may change over time. This value may reduce, as your caravan gets older. Equally though, if the specification of your caravan changes (such as if you upgrade the inside) then it may cost more to buy a new replacement, so your insured value has to reflect this;
  • not all policies offer continental cover (also known as European cover) as standard. This may not be of interest to you if your touring is restricted to the UK but if you like venturing across the channel then this may be a ‘must’ to look out for when you compare touring caravan insurance quotes;
  • If you are planning on a long trip, you may wish to ensure that there are no unrealistic restrictions on annual mileage limits;
  • some policies may have very specific conditions relating to the use of wheel clamps and hitchlocks and rather than being onerous, following these may just help keep your tourer out of the hands of thieves;
  • since awnings may be very easily damaged by sudden storms, it is commonsense (and may well form part of your obligations as a policyholder) to get into the habit of stowing the awning away each time you leave the caravan, thereby reducing the opportunities for damage to happen;
  • you may discover, when you compare touring caravan insurance quotes, that some providers may offer discounts if you are a member of a recognised caravan club, as they believe that this is an indication of a serious and responsible caravanner. These may often be called caravan club insurance discounts.