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Couple swap Manchester for Cumbrian caravan shop

A couple have moved from Manchester to Cumbria in order to set up a caravan shop for tourists in the area, according to reports.

Colin and Linda Taylor opened Caravan Care in Silloth which is very popular with caravanners.

They sell caravan and camping equipment for people staying in the area who would otherwise have to travel some distance.

Mr Taylor told the Cumberland News: “It was something we always wanted to do, but thought it was maybe three or four years down the line.

“We had been to Silloth five or six times and fell in love with the way of life here. With the amount of caravan and camping spots nearby, we were amazed to find that there was nowhere that actually specialised in this business.”

He added that some holiday-makers were travelling 60 miles for basic equipment and accessories.

Silloth is a town near Southern Galloway and close to the Lake District Fells. The countryside is the region’s main draw, with unparalled views across the landscape.