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Disagreement over proposed caravan park

Caravanning may be increasingly popular, but that doesn’t prevent local councils and campaigners disagreeing over proposed sites.

Land in Somerset is the latest area at the heart of a disagreement which has seen two separate parish councils votes vote for and against a development, reports the BBC.

Cheddar parish council has supported the development at Nylands crossroads, although local opposition has been voiced.

Draycott parish council, neighbouring Cheddar, has rejected the move, pleasing the campaigners who see it as destroying green land.

Plans propose the development of a 13-acre site in the traditionally picturesque countryside region.

Sedgemoor planners will be considering both sides of the argument before coming to a decision.

The Save Open Land in Draycott (Solid) told the BBC that it had started a petition against the scheme.

Draycott and Cheddar are neighbouring villages in the beautiful hillside of rural Somerset.