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Getting the most appropriate static caravan insurance

Whenever you are buying insurance, one of your biggest concerns is likely to be whether it provides suitable cover.

Your concerns might loom larger still when it comes to static caravan insurance, since it is a specialist type of insurance, yet one which plays a critical role in protecting the enjoyment of your holiday home.

These are concerns we fully recognise here at Cover4Caravans, where we are firmly of the belief that the most appropriate caravan insurance for you is the insurance that meets your particular, individual needs and requirements. We select and tailor our policies accordingly.

A specialist broker

We specialise in providing insurance for all types of static caravan. We are familiar with the wide range of makes and models, the many parks and resorts in which they may be found throughout the UK, and the equally wide variety of owners – each one may have slightly different needs and circumstances.

That’s why we emphasise the importance of getting the most appropriate cover for your static caravan:

Confer with fellow owners

  • we are not alone in our views, of course – you might also want to gain the insight of other static caravan owners by reading the pages published by the Static Caravan Club, for example, or the new discussion forum opened on Caravan Talk in October 2017;

Insurance for the static caravan

  • at the heart of your insurance cover is the protection of the holiday home itself against loss or damage through exposure to risks such as storm damage, fire, flooding, impacts, theft and vandalism;
  • getting the appropriate cover is a combination of many factors, including the age, make and model of the caravan itself, plus its location, and how you intend to use it (for your own exclusive use, for example, or occasionally let to paying guests);
  • the age of your static caravan may be critical since many parks and resorts impose a maximum number of years before your lease expires;
  • also on the subject of age of your ‘van, insurers typically offer a new for old replacement of caravans that become a total loss depending on the age of the ‘van, plus how many owners it has had. At Cover4Caravans, in the event of a successful claim, we offer new for old cover on both static home and tourers up to 5 years old and regardless of the number of previous owners;
  • remember, too, that any major refit or refurbishment of your static caravan is likely to increase its value – when you may need to review the total sum insured;

Liability insurance

  • one of the elements of insurance frequently overlooked by owners of static caravans is the importance of liability insurance;
  • if someone injures themselves when visiting your holiday home, they may hold you liable (alleging that you failed to keep it in a safe state of repair, for instance) and claim damages in compensation;
  • alternatively, your static home may be responsible for damage caused to a neighbouring caravan (a piece of loose decking flies off and strikes your neighbour’s during a storm, for example) – again you may be held liable;
  • liability insurance is designed to provide indemnity against such claims – and the legal costs that may be involved in defending them;
  • your adequate liability insurance is also one of the principal concerns of most park managers – who share a responsibility for ensuring the safety of other residents and their visitors.

Subject to any conditions written into your lease agreement with the park or resort on which your holiday home is berthed, you have no legal obligation to arrange static home insurance – but it is clearly important that you secure the most appropriate cover for your individual needs and circumstances.