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Getting the most suitable static caravan insurance

Whether you are getting the most suitable static caravan insurance might not even cross your mind. After all, the insurance is likely to be offered to you by the management of the site on which your holiday home is berthed – and you think they probably know best about the cover that suits.

Before leaping to accept any offer from the park management, however, it may be wise to give the subject more than a second thought.

Although the management of your static caravan park is likely to require that you have insurance to cover your liability for injuries or property damage suffered by your neighbouring holiday home owners, their visitors and members of the public, it is much rarer these days for them to insist that you purchase the insurance through them.

One of the leading park owners in the UK, Park Resorts, for example, mentions the importance of static caravan insurance – especially if you choose to let your holiday home to tenants – but makes no reference to where the cover may be bought.

Shop around

So, if you are not legally obliged to have your site owner’s cover, this means you can shop around for cover and choose a policy that may be more appropriate and cost-effective for your needs.

Note: you may find that your site owner may charge a nominal fee to make sure you have the correct element of liability insurance if you source your own policy, but even then, you can often still make savings on the cost of your static home insurance.

There is more than one market for static caravan insurance and, to ensure that you get the cover that is exactly right for you and at a competitive price, it almost certainly pays to shop around.

Here at Cover4Caravans, for instance, we have more than 70 years’ of expertise and experience in the caravan insurance market. It has helped us to build up a clear picture of the needs and requirements of our many customers, matching those needs to tailor-made insurance solutions thanks to our network of contacts across this sector of the insurance industry.

Obtaining value for money

Of course, you want value for money when buying your static caravan insurance – and here are some of the ways Cover4Caravans may help you to get it:


  • rely on our expertise in helping to arrive at a realistic and accurate valuation of your static caravan;
  • under-estimate its value and you risk being underinsured, with insufficient to cover its replacement in the event of a total loss, but over-insure it and you end up paying more in premiums than you otherwise need;


  • many static caravans make ideal holiday homes for letting to visitors;
  • if this is your intention, make sure to include such use in the static caravan insurance you arrange – the additional risks might mean a slight increase in the premiums you pay;
  • if you make it clear that you have no such intention, therefore, you may save on the cost of the premiums;

Public liability

  • public liability cover is the element of static caravan insurance upon which your park management is likely to insist – for the protection of other users and visitors to the park;
  • it is essential for indemnifying you against claims from neighbours, their visitors or members of the public who may be injured or have their property damaged through some contact with your caravan and the claim that you have been a negligent owner;


  • make the most of the various discounts that might be provided by some static caravan insurance providers;
  • here at Cover4Caravans, for example, we offer discounts to customers who are a member of a recognised caravan club and discounts on each annual renewal.

Let us help you to ensure that you are getting the most suitable caravan insurance.