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How to compare caravan insurance

Before you purchase anything in life, it might make a lot of sense to compare your options in terms of whether or not you can find a better or more cost-effective version.

In general terms, the same applies for caravan insurance, where simply snatching at the first quotation you receive might not be a sound approach to achieving the peace of mind of knowing that you have a good match for your requirements and a decent price.

That’s why at Cover4Caravans we pride ourselves in being able to offer you a range of suitable options based upon a panel of insurers that we know are offering products that stand up well to comparison and with added benefits not available with some other providers.

Of course, if you are trying to compare caravan insurance policies yourself, you may wish to try and do so based upon some of the following general criteria.

The cover provided

This is an obvious one but perhaps the most critical thing to think about during your comparison.

In theory, it is relatively straightforward but there are a few particular points that might be worth looking out for:

  • any owner age limits;
  • whether or not European Union cover is included for those who have tourers or motorhomes;
  • new for old replacement policies; etc.

Discount opportunities

The final price you end up paying for your policy may be very significantly influenced by whether or not you can take advantage of any discounts that might be on offer.

Obviously, it might be rather difficult to do so if they don’t exist!  Therefore, looking closely to see whether some of the following options are available, might be in your best interests:

  • no claims discounts;
  • the ability to increase your excess;
  • annual renewal discounts;
  • caravan club insurance discounts;
  • age-related discounts where applicable.

Terms, conditions and exclusions

You may reasonably expect to find these in any policy, however, it might be advisable to read them carefully as part of your comparison.

There are too many potential combinations to go into much detail in a general article of this nature but it is important not to simply disregard this area as being merely small print that is not worthy of your attention.

Some of these exclusions and conditions may be rather more onerous than others and may have a big effect on whether or not you will be able to successfully claim in future.