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How to compare caravan insurance

CaravansYou have probably spent a significant amount of money buying your caravan, so it is important to protect your investment with suitable insurance.

You are certainly not stuck for potential insurers, offering a huge range of different policies – the difficulty is likely to come with picking one out of such a large selection. What it takes, therefore, is a comparison of one product against another.

This may be easier said than done, so here are a few suggestions about how you might compare caravan insurance.

The key

Whatever considerations might go into the mix of factors you employ, it is worth remembering that the single most important of them is to find the caravan insurance that is suitable for you and your particular, individual circumstances. The insurance that is appropriate for you, in other words, might not be the cover best suited to your fellow caravanner.

Get help

Choosing the caravan insurance that suits your particular needs and circumstances might also be easier said than done. Are you certain you have taken every circumstance into consideration and have you been able to compare your needs with all of the products available on what is quite a wide market?

Unless you have a particularly informed knowledge of what is available, you might want to draw on the expertise and experience of specialists such as ourselves here at Cover4Caravans. Knowing the subject as we do, we are able to understand all that you are likely to require and to compare those needs against the whole of the offering on the market.

Comparing quotes

To be able to compare caravan insurance, you need to shop around. And this is likely to include the ability to compare quotes.

At Cover4Caravans, we make that comparison easier for you by doing the search and comparisons on your behalf and delivering a quote online or by telephone through our UK-based help lines.

Standard features

At the core of any caravan insurance policy are naturally the standard features provided. These may vary quite widely from one insurer to another.

Included in the standard features of our policies at Cover4Caravans, for instance, are protection against storm damage, theft of the caravan, and cover for your friends and family.

You might also want to check whether new for old replacement is available if your caravan is subject to a total loss. Where this is a standard feature of your insurance policy, there is likely to be a maximum age of the caravan qualifying for such replacement – from three to five years old, for instance.

Optional extras

Whilst standard policy features provide the backbone of your insurance, you probably want to be able to tailor the insurance to meet your particular needs and requirements.

This might be done through the number of optional extras it is possible to add to your cover.

Examples of such extras might include:

  • cover for your awning – and whether this includes new for old replacement depending how long ago the awning was purchased;
  • the provision of alternative accommodation if your caravan is stolen, lost or damaged whilst you are touring with it;
  • the ability to protect any no claims discount;
  • the freedom to choose an additional, voluntary excess in return for lower premiums; and
  • personal accident benefits.


Discounts may be offered on the price of premiums for some policies and these generally reflect the level of security which you provide for your caravan – the more you do to protect your caravan, the lower the risk for the insurer and, therefore, the cheaper the premiums may be for that reduced risk.

Additional security might be demonstrated through your fitting of higher quality door and window locks, for example, or by installing smoke detectors or intruder alarms.

Since a touring caravan is especially vulnerable to theft, vandalism and break-ins when it is not in regular use but laid up for the winter, its storage arrangements may also be taken into account by your insurer.

Here at Cover4Caravans, for instance, we offer attractive discounts (up to 15%) on your insurance premiums if you arrange secure storage at a site registered with the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA). Of the 500 or so sites around the country, each one is rated according to a scale of three different levels of security and is subject to regular inspection of its storage facilities.


When comparing caravan insurance policies, you might also want to take into account the level of excess that applies to any claim.

Although a basic minimum excess may be obligatory, many insurers may offer the option to accept a further voluntary excess in return for lower premiums.