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How To Find The Best Touring Caravan Insurance Quotes

One of the main elements of getting a suitable caravan insurance deal is choice – which is why you may need to take some time to compare caravan insurance companies as well as policies in order to get the best touring caravan insurance quotes.

When looking for cover, do remember that different policies may offer different levels of cover reflecting the providers’ own view of the importance of the typical risks a touring caravan may face.

For example, some touring caravan cover may apply special considerations to awnings. They may only cover storm damage if you are at your caravan at the time it happens.

Leaving your awning open when you are away from your tourer may, therefore, be something best avoided.

Theft of touring caravans is something that both owners and insurance providers may be very keen to avoid. Some policies may therefore recommend or even require that you take what might be seen as just common sense steps to help keep your caravan safe.

That may include measures like:

  • fitting a tracking device to your tourer;
  • asking that, when unattended, your tourer should have a wheel clamp fitted if left attached to the towing vehicle (a hitchlock may be needed if the caravan is unattached and unattended);
  • favouring (possibly by offering premium discounts) the use of sites where there is 24 hour supervision in place.

Of course, when you look at the best touring caravan insurance quotes, you may typically find that what is best for you may not be best for another touring caravan owner. There may be policies that offer cover that just strikes more of a chord with you.

For example:

  • continental cover may be offered as standard in some policies but not others;
  • not all policies may cover alternative accommodation costs to allow you to continue your holiday, if your caravan is left uninhabitable after an accident;
  • with some caravan insurance brokers, such as ourselves, new for old replacement may be available for tourers up to 3 years old if your tourer was used when you bought it.

Getting some help in understanding what you need to look out for when you compare the best touring caravan insurance quotes is something our service may be able to offer. As specialists in touring caravan insurance, we can connect you with providers of policies that may be particularly suitable for your own set of circumstances not just in terms of the caravan cover offered, but the price.