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Introducing the Bailey Pagent Series 7

The Series 7 Pageants are certainly a breakout for Bailey Touring Caravans for whilst they have the look and feel of a Bailey, this van has increased interior space over it’s predecessors.

The continental style feel is a deliberate move by Bailey to be different and many of the fabrics are high quality European styles. This Touring Caravan has concealed locker catches, self supporting bed bases and CD player included as standard. Price wise, depending on whether you choose the Monarch Touring Caravan at the lowest end or the Limousin, you are looking at between £12,000 and £14,000, so not a huge amount of difference. They range between 2 berth (Monarch) and 6 (the Loire or the Bretegne) depending on your requirements.

When we saw the Series 7 at the NEC Show, I was impressed with the walk in shower and dark wood cabinetry of these Touring Caravans.

As I say, depending on the model you may be looking at between £178 (for the Monarch) and £210 (Loire or Bretegne) with us at Cover4Caravans.

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