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Introducing the Bailey Ranger Series 6 500/5

For over 60 years Bailey has produced stunning, top of the range Touring Caravans for the benefit of the general public and to make them as affordable as possible.

The Bailey Ranger GT60 Series 6 540/6 is one of the latest in the range and won the Practical Caravan Tourer of the Year for 2009. It combines a simple layout with spacious luxury and is ideal for small families. The Touring Caravan is lightweight, well equipped and at around £12,000, affordable. It has a triple bunk which is ideal for family holidays, and gives children their own space whilst still having the contemporary look of a traditional Touring Caravan.

Having looked around this Touring Caravan myself at the NEC show last week, I must say I was surprised at the amount of room considering the triple bunk layout. The storage space was also impressive, and the bottom bunk can be lifted up to give even more space! For those of you taking the children it also has enough sockets for the CD/MP3 player and iPod.

In these stressful times this Touring Caravan would provide you and the family with a great holiday at an excellent price. Equally important is the knowledge that the Touring Caravan Insurance you will require will also be affordable.

Typically we at Cover4Caravans would be quoting around �155 for the Touring Caravan Insurance for this model.

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