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Money saving tips: static caravan insurance

When looking around for a longed-for second or holiday home, you might have settled on a static caravan. This is a home that can be moved, of course, but rarely leaves its designated pitch on a purpose designed holiday park or resort – so static caravan is generally a more apt description than the alternative mobile home.

The annual rent you pay to the park owners for keeping your static caravan on its chosen pitch is likely to be a major source of expenditure. But there are other ongoing running costs and chief of these is static caravan insurance for your holiday home.

How might you go about saving money on your static caravan insurance?

Money saving experts

  • there is a surprising amount to think about when insuring your static caravan;
  • it is not simply a question of arranging sufficient cover for your holiday home and its contents, but there are other risks to think about too – public liability insurance, for instance, to protect you against claims from members of the public who are injured or have their property damaged in some way connected with your static caravan;
  • many owners of this type of holiday home also enjoy the extra income that may be earned by letting it out to paying guests or tenants from time to time – an occurrence your insurer is likely to regard as a “material fact” affecting the risks that need to be covered, so you need to know when to disclose that fact to your insurer;
  • you may find that your site owner offers their own static home insurance cover. In most cases, however, you are not obliged to take their cover and may get more comprehensive protection and at a more cost-effective price, by shopping around;
  • matching your precise needs and requirements for static caravan insurance to the bewildering array of potential products available on the market, however, is no easy matter;

Security and safety

  • your static caravan faces a number of risks and perils – during the times that it is occupied by you or your paying guests and during the park’s closed winter season when it is left unoccupied;
  • if you want to save money on your insurance premiums, therefore, it is worth demonstrating to any insurer that you are taking every reasonable precaution to ensure the security and safety of your holiday home and have invested in mitigating against any loss or damage;
  • this extends to some of the more obvious measures such as the locks used for securing doors and windows and the installation of smoke detectors and fire alarms;
  • but it might also extend to the levels of security maintained at your chosen holiday park, especially during the closed season or when your holiday home is left unoccupied – when 24-hour monitoring and onsite patrols by the site’s management may be taken into account by your insurer;

Public liability insurance

  • it is an element of cover almost certain to be a condition by the site management of your lease of the pitch and provides you against claims that may be made by other site users, their visitors, members of the public or any tenants you might have from time to time;
  • remember, too, that if you intend to let your holiday home for any period, you also assume the responsibility for tenants’ safety – with respect to gas appliances, the risk of fire and any danger from carbon monoxide fumes;

No claims discount

  • over the years of trouble and claims free enjoyment of your static caravan, you are likely to have built up any no claims discount offered by your insurer;
  • if you are looking to save money on the cost of current premiums, therefore, it is important that you claim any such discount to which you are entitled;


  • it is fairly standard practice, when arranging any kind of general insurance, to reduce the cost of the insurer’s premiums by accepting a greater part of the risks yourself;
  • conventionally, this is achieved by agreeing to a voluntary excess over and above any compulsory excess that may be attached to your insurance policy;
  • just such a possibility remains open to you when looking to save money on the cost of your static caravan insurance.

Whether you know it as a mobile home or static caravan, insurance may be a significant component of its annual running costs. Some of these considerations and suggestions, therefore, may help you to save money on that essential expense.