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What you need to know when buying static caravan insurance

You are likely to have invested a substantial sum in the purchase of your static caravan, so purpose designed insurance may be a priority well worth giving your home away from home.

But what do you need to know when buying your static caravan insurance?

Firstly, in most cases, you are not obliged to take your site owner’s own insurance. You are free to shop around for the cover. The site owner may ask for proof that you have arranged your own static home insurance and may charge a nominal fee to see the paperwork. Even with that fee taken in to account, however, shopping around for the cover (using a service such as ours), you could still save money.


  • whenever you are arranging insurance, the value of the insured item is an important consideration – and static caravan insurance is no different;
  • the total sum insured represents the maximum amount the insurer pays out in the event of a total loss (if the caravan is consumed by fire, for example);
  • when deciding that total sum, therefore, you might want to take into account the cost of replacing your caravan;

Risk of flooding

  • during many British winters, flooding – from swollen rivers or rising tides – may cause widespread damage and caravan parks are likely to be especially vulnerable;
  • for that reason, our static caravan insurance policies here at Cover4Caravans reflect the postcode of the park on which it is pitched, so that discounts may be made if yours is in a flood-free area;

Public liability insurance

  • the owners and managers of the park or resort accommodating your static caravan are almost certain to have asked for proof that you have public liability insurance;
  • this element of cover is designed to ensure that fair and adequate compensation is received by visitors to the park, your neighbours there, or other members of the public who have suffered an injury or had their property damaged through some negligence on your part as the owner of the static caravan;
  • public liability claims such as this may assume very significant proportions and it is usual, therefore, for cover to be provided against claims of at least £1 million – and sometimes £5 million;

Out of season precautions

  • many parks for static caravans close down for at least part of the winter season – and this might be a time when yours is especially vulnerable to break-ins, theft or damaged caused by electrical or gas faults or the escape of water;
  • when arranging your insurance cover, therefore, you might want to establish what additional security measures your insurer demands during this closed season – and whether, for example, your premiums are discounted at all if the site has taken particular security measures, such as CCTV or manned patrols of the site;
  • you may also be expected to take certain common sense precautions when leaving your caravan empty and unoccupied for any length of time – including the disconnection of all electrical and gas services and draining down the water from heating, kitchen and bathroom systems.

By keeping these considerations firmly in mind, you may be certain of arranging the static caravan insurance you need – at a competitive price.