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Police offer caravan safety advice

While caravan insurance will offer you peace of mind, it never hurts to do your own bit in ensuring your caravan’s security over the summer, which is why the South Yorkshire Police Crime Reduction Unit has issued guidelines to help keep your caravan safe.

In order to immobilise your caravan, you should always attach wheel clamps to your caravan when it is not in use – indeed this provision is vital to claim on caravan insurance. Other security tools which are useful include heavy-duty chains or bars to anchor your caravan to the ground. A quality hitchlock is a good choice as are locking-wheel nuts.

South Yorkshire Police say that security marking help the police identify and return stolen caravans to their owners and aside from noting down the 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) on the vehicle chassis for personal reference, it is a good idea to etch the VIN on windows to deter thieves.

A tracking device is also helpful to help track the caravan if it is stolen and Cover4Caravans offers discounted caravan insurance for caravanners who do this.

For caravans which are stored on sites, caravanners should always check security credentials. If you can easily enter the area where the caravan is stored, then so can a thief, the police advises. Cover4Caravans also offers reduced caravan insurance for touring caravans that are stored on CaSSOA sites.

While it is always sensible to follow these sorts of guidelines, caravan insurance should never be ignored. Even if you are lucky enough to avoid being targeted by thieves, there is little you can do to stop your caravan getting accidentally damaged. Click through for your Cover4Caravans touring caravan insurance quote.