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Save money on your static caravan insurance

Whenever thinking about ways in which you might save money on insurance, it is typically important to review just what type and level of insurance you need (what you expect the insurance to protect), the extent to which any given policy meets those requirements, and the value for money which is offered through the insurance providing that protection at the quoted rate.

The principle remains just as true when arranging static caravan insurance, so that insurance which does the job you want it to do, the product you choose and the value for money that represents are all likely to be more important considerations than price alone.

From this starting position, however, it is still possible to secure good value from the cover you need and yet also save money on what you are paying for your static caravan insurance. Here we offer a number of pointers for doing just that:


  • one of the ways of ensuring that the cover you arrange is the cover you need is to be perfectly clear about the value of your static caravan – under-estimate its value and you may find the compensation available in the event of a claim to be insufficient to repair or replace it in the event of loss or damage, whilst over-estimating the value is likely to result in your paying more than you need for the cover;
  • valuation is also important with respect to the age of your caravan – some insurers may refuse cover beyond a certain age, whilst others continue to offer cover, but with compensation limited to any given in recognised valuation guides;


  • just as with many other forms of insurance, cover for your static caravan is likely to be influenced by the use to which it is put;
  • one of the opportunities taken up by many owners of such holiday homes, for example, is to let it out to paying guests when you are not using it yourself;
  • since insurers may consider the risk of loss or damage to increase when your holiday home is temporarily let to tenants, your insurance premiums may rise accordingly;
  • by the same token, you are likely to save on the cost of the cover you arrange if you have no intention of letting it;

Public liability

  • the inclusion of public liability indemnity in your static caravan insurance might not be an immediately apparent way of saving money – until you are faced with a large claim from a member of the public (a site neighbour or one of your tenants) who is injured or has their property damaged through some connection with your caravan;
  • public liability insurance is also a precaution upon which the owners of the park on which your caravan is berthed are likely to insist;
  • provided you meet any such condition to have public liability insurance, however, another option is likely to lie in your arranging cover entirely independently, rather than purchasing it directly from the park management;


  • one of the most certain ways of saving money on your static caravan insurance is to ensure that you take full advantage of any discounts offered by the insurance provider;
  • here at Cover4Caravans, for instance, discounts are available depending on everything from your membership of a recognised caravan club, to discounts on every annual renewal.

In short, it is possible to achieve the twin objectives of securing the insurance you need for your static caravan whilst also enjoying great value for money – and still save money on the cost of your cover.