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Saving money on your touring caravan insurance

Away from the hustle, bustle and all round excitement of the long days of summer caravanning, this time of year might be just the time to review how much you are paying for your touring caravan insurance – and whether there are ways you might be cutting that cost:

The cover you need

  • whenever you are buying any kind of insurance, it is not just a question of going for the cheapest, but the cover you actually need – the cover that provides the protection for your individual needs and circumstances;
  • this is just as true when looking for touring caravan insurance – bearing in mind that your needs and circumstances may change from one year to the next;
  • your aim, therefore, is likely to be finding cover that represents good value for money, rather than just an apparently bargain basement deal;

Shop around

  • you are likely to want to do some shopping around, but this may prove a daunting task these days, with so many insurers offering such a wide range of products;
  • advice might be given by friends, relatives or fellow caravanners, but what you are really likely to appreciate is expert, professional advice about securing good value for money;


  • well placed to offer just such advice is a specialist caravan insurance broker;
  • with an expertise and experience likely to have been gained over a number of years, such a broker not only recognises your particular, individual needs, but also has the industry wide connections to suggest those insurance policies matching your requirements – at a competitive market price;
  • this is where the personal approach of the specialist broker may come into its own – your access not only to the widest possible range of insurance products, but also expert advice upon the strengths and weaknesses of each one;
  • choose a specialist such as us here at Cover4Caravans, for example, and you are able to discuss your particular requirements directly with us via a dedicated telephone helpline – no waiting in a queue to talk to an anonymously distant call centre agent;

Playing your part

  • touring caravan insurance – just like any other type of general insurance – relies on you playing your part in helping to minimise the risk of loss or damage;
  • not only is there plenty you might do, but a specialist insurance broker may help you explore all the possibilities and suggest those steps and safeguards that might also earn you a valuable discount on your insurance premiums;


  • a case in point is your choice of storage facilities for those times of the year when your caravan is not being used;
  • choose from one of the many secure sites registered by the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA), for instance, and your premiums may be reduced by up to 15% in recognition of the extra security provided;
  • an alternative register – and one recommended by the Caravan Club – for helping to trace your caravan if it is stolen or for checking the status of one you are planning to buy is TheftCheck;


  • there is more you might do to strengthen the security of your caravan against theft and vandalism;
  • fitting safer and more secure locks on doors and windows might be a good place to start, but whilst you are about it, why not also look at immobilisation devices such as hitchlocks and wheel clamps (which may be required by your insurer in any case), and motion-detecting intruder alarms;
  • some security measures may be for your own personal safety, too – fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are just two such devices which spring immediately to mind.

This is just a selection of the ways in which your next review of your touring caravan insurance might lead to saving you money.

Getting good value for money, of course, depends on your arranging the cover you need at a price that is competitive with similar products in the market. Matching these twin objectives is something in which the specialist caravan insurance broker is likely to be especially experienced.

Not only is this the route to gaining personal specialist guidance on the insurance that might most suit your needs, it is also likely to be one of the most simple and straight forward ways of getting a quote and quickly arranging the cover you want.