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Second warmest winter on record

Provisional figures from the Met Office have shown that 2006 was the second warmest year on record in the UK, with a mean temperature of 5.47 degrees C.

The UK’s national records date back to 1914 and all three of the winter months have recorded above average temperatures.

January was the second warmest on record, with an average temperature of six degrees C making it quite tolerable for any committed caravanners.

England uses the Central England Temperature (CET) series to compare averages and 1869 remains the warmest on record, with a mean temperature of 6.77 degrees C.

In a statement the Met Office said: “The south of England has recorded its warmest ever winter with a mean temperature of 6.53 degrees C, beating the previous high of 6.49 degrees C set in 1989-90.

“Rainfall figures show most areas of the UK to have been very wet with only Northern Ireland recording figures close to average.

“Full figures for the season reveal that it has been mild for all parts of the UK, sunnier than average for most parts and wetter than average (based on 1971 to 2000 averages).”

The figures hint at an overall warm trend which has enveloped the UK in the last year. A number of records have been challenged and even broken in the last 12 months.