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Sites caravans could end up in crusher

Pitch owners at the Dobbs Weir Caravan Park in Hoddesdon are contemplating their caravans heading to the crusher as the park closes in September, according to reports.

Caravan owners have to move their vehicles, but according to one owner some of them are too old and can’t be sold.

John Fennel, who has owned a pitch for four years, told the East Herts Herald: “I think most of the caravans will end up going to the crusher, some of them are old, can’t be moved and people wont want to buy them.

“For a lot us this is one of our joys in life. It is a very quiet spot, people go there to enjoy it, it is a wind-down kind of place.”

Caravan owners received a letter last month notifying them that Lee Valley Regional Park Authority was closing the site ahead of development for the Olympic Games in 2012.

The site will be used for a canoe course and the decision is set to bring benefits to the region, with added investment and a chance to play a part in the Olympics.