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Spring In To Spring With Timely Advice From Cover4Caravans

Its official: caravanning is cool once again. With spring just around the corner, the Caravan Club is signing up more new members than ever before, helping to launch a style revival for holidays on wheels.

Attracted by the freedom to travel off the beaten track, go surfing in style and camp out under the stars, expect to see a whole new generation of enthusiasts embracing the caravan craze this season. But as the number of caravanners increases, so to does the number of reported caravan thefts and the cost of accidental damage.

While celebrity caravan owners such as Take Thats Mark Owen and supermodel Kate Moss turn their thoughts to a summer spent traveling Europe in their ultra hip holiday, insurance specialist Cover4Caravans is reminding caravan owners of the importance of checking insurance documents and taking notice of renewal reminders before embarking on a potentially expensive spring break.

Passport renewal, campsite reservations and booking a ferry are all things that we do automatically when planning to go on a caravan break, says Richard Burgess, director of insurance brokers, Alan Blunden and Co Ltd. Caravan theft is still a major problem despite security advances so its important that caravan insurance is added to this mental checklist.

Combining the immediacy of the internet with a personal touch, requesting an insurance quote online from specialist insurance broker Cover4Caravans is the work of minutes and is followed up by a personal phone call by a specialist adviser. The advisor will discuss pricing, payment options and terms of cover, giving complete peace of mind at the click of a mouse button for caravan owners.

Offering outstanding levels of customer care and competitive prices, Cover4Caravans provides exceptional cover against theft and accidental damage. Immediate cover can be arranged over the phone for last minute getaways.

Cover4Caravans includes continental protection as standard, giving owners the freedom to take their touring caravans abroad throughout the year without having to worry about completing lots of additional paperwork says Burgess. Theres also no age limit on owner or caravan so young and old alike can enjoy caravan holidays.

Generous discounts on insurance policies are also offered for caravans fitted with a Phantom Tracking device. Find out more at