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Static Caravan owners warned to check fittings

After a fire in a static caravan fire gutted the home of a Powys pensioner, Welsh fire chiefs have told the Shropshire Star that caravanners should check their appliances.

Although caravan insurance can provide some comfort, caravanners should always cut down risks by taking precautions as a serious fire left 22-year-old John Murphy in hospital recovering from burns.

After the blaze at Caerwnon Park too over two hours to extinguish, Builth Wells fire station manager Jonathan Evans said: “When we have fires in caravans they generally end up in total loss of the property.”

“There are a considerable number of these parks all over the county and the fire service is keen to talk to all residents and offer them free smoke alarms. We would encourage people to ring us for a check.”

“We need to highlight that people should have any heating appliances and wiring checked over as well as keeping combustible materials such as clothes and newspapers to a minimum.”

He added: “As part of our fire check programme we are able to provide precise additional information to occupiers of caravans and mobile homes.”

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