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Surrey caravan fire could have caused tragedy

A family in Surrey has closely escaped a tragedy, saying that although caravan insurance would cover the cost of replacing their vehicle, it was lucky that no one was injured as a family member could not be replaced.

A caravan fire in Surrey, that has been blamed on arson, did not claim a member of the Rhodes family, although nine-year-old Estelle had wanted to stay in the caravan on the night in question.

The Surrey Mirror reports that the caravan went up in flames in front of Robert Rhodes’ home in Barton Walk, but luckily he had refused his granddaughter’s request to stay in the caravan the night before her holiday.

Mr Rhodes said: “The first thing I thought of when I saw the caravan on fire was that Estelle could have been in there with her father, Adam.”

“She had begged us to let her sleep in it, but it was full of stuff for their holiday. We decided against it and she slept in the house.”

Estelle’s grandmother, Lesley Rhodes, added: “We can replace the caravan, but we couldn”t have replaced our granddaughter and our son. Estelle is lucky to be alive.“

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