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Why should you compare caravan insurance?

When asked the question, “why should you compare caravan insurance”, most people respond by saying something relating to the opportunities for saving money. However, as we at Cover4Caravans like to point out, there are a number of other reasons why...Read more

How we can help you compare caravan insurance

How can we at Cover4Caravans help you to compare caravan insurance? It’s a good question – so let’s explain! Price isn’t everything The first point we’d like to make is that it’s important not to focus exclusively on the advertised headline price....Read more

Comparing touring caravan insurance

Before you buy any kind of insurance, including your touring caravan insurance, you are likely to start making comparisons between policies based on: what it is you actually need from the cover – the risks and perils you believe that...Read more


How to compare caravan insurance

You have probably spent a significant amount of money buying your caravan, so it is important to protect your investment with suitable insurance. You are certainly not stuck for potential insurers, offering a huge range of different policies – the...Read more