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What does touring caravan insurance cover?

If you are looking for tourer insurance for your caravan, it seems reasonable to ask just what it might cover. You might be surprised, however, how many owners who are new to the joys of caravanning – as well as...Read more


Touring caravan insurance considerations

Whether you have splashed out on a new one or bought second hand, your touring caravan is likely to represent a significant investment and one which you want to protect with adequate insurance. Getting the cover you need is likely...Read more

Comparing touring caravan insurance

Before you buy any kind of insurance, including your touring caravan insurance, you are likely to start making comparisons between policies based on: what it is you actually need from the cover – the risks and perils you believe that...Read more

Are you looking for cheap touring caravan insurance?

Whenever talking about cheap insurance, there is probably just one golden rule: what you consider cheap caravan insurance may not be so for someone else - it is a personal thing. The cover you need is almost always the cover...Read more

Saving money on your touring caravan insurance

Away from the hustle, bustle and all round excitement of the long days of summer caravanning, this time of year might be just the time to review how much you are paying for your touring caravan insurance – and...Read more